4 Day Echo Chamber, 2019

Following the long tradition of artists that explore the idea of ‘home’, my collages explore what this might mean in an increasingly virtual world. I begin by ‘mapping’ my surroundings using minimal photography, before fragmenting, digitally distorting and re-composing these as abstract artworks. The result is a vivid abstraction, but on closer inspection, is full of intimately familiar textures and forms.

Windows, doorways, and curtains are common motifs that mark the tension between inside and outside, sanctuary and territory. My work depicts maze-like compositions of liminal spaces, portals and thresholds: the points of boundary and change.  The weave of a curtain dissolves into pixels while the view through a window reveals nothing. I use veils of vivid colour, distilled from the distorted pixels themselves, to blend the real with the imagined.  


I am drawn to things that show traces of human action over time: the layers of paint and wallpaper, or the marks on a bedsheet or folds of a curtain. These are symbols of narratives becoming distorted, entrenched and even oppressive over time. They reflect the often fragmented nature of the ways in which we pass on and take in information in the digital age.

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Current and Upcoming Shows

2022 'Spring Exhibition' at London Lighthouse Gallery, Canning Town, London​, opening Thursday 4th May


2022 'Winter' at Kingsland Project Space, London​, opening Friday 21st January 

2021 'Notre Temps I Our Time', virtual exhibition with LaCondamine and ArtCan

2021 'Crossing the Liminal' at Hampstead Garden Gallery, London

2021 'Inspire' at D Contemporary - 23 Grafton St, London

2021  'Open Fragments' online exhibition with Pragmata Collective

2019/20  'Elevate 02' - The Shard, London

2020  'Vienna Calling II' - Galerie Artpool, Austria

2020  'TRANSIENT' - Online Exhibition with ArtCan

2020  '#FakeNews' - Offshoot Gallery, London

2019  'COUNTER I BALANCE' - Trinity Gallery, London

2019  'Ingenious' Online Exhibition, ArtCan,

2017  'Desperate Artwives / FiLiA Conference' - Institute of Education, London

2017  'Artsdepot Open' - Apthorp Gallery, London (shortlisted)

2016  'THAT Show' - Four Corners Gallery, London

2015  'Inside Out' - Portman Gallery, London

2014  'Natural Continuum' - Portman Gallery, London

2009  'Cheap Trick' - Institute of Education, London

2005  'Solid Gold' - Goldsmith's College, London


2008 - 2009   PGCE Secondary Art and Design - Institute of Education, London

2002 - 2005   BA (Hons) Fine Art and History of Art - Goldsmith's College, London

2001 - 2002   Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - Buckinghamshire University


Exhibitions I have shown in at Offshoot Gallery, Trinity Gallery, Four Corners and The Shard, London.

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